Reality Check for Investors

Virtually all the enthusiasm that greeted President Trump's victory in Q4 has been exhausted. The euphoria that defined our equity market performance into year end has run head on into a brick wall. We are in the midst of a reality check that is being fueled by investor realization that campaign promises are an entirely [...]

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Q&A: Louis Pastina On Transformational Tech

Louis Pastina, who leads technology at consultancy Global Markets Advisory Group and previously served in technology and regulatory leadership roles at the New York Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange (GMAG), discusses dramatic changes in financial technology. Click here to read the full article.

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FOMC, Earnings and Data Headline

US equity market posted meaningful gains at the outset of last week due in large part to the first round French election results and better than expected corporate results, particularly, from large cap tech and industrial names. The first round of the French election has delivered an outcome that investors appear comfortable with; it was [...]

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