The world has not come to an end

The limitations of the immediate fallout from the "Leave" vote are already taking shape in some global equity and risk markets - less than a week after the historic referendum. Despite all the angst, table pounding and rabble-rousing that defined the days leading up to and immediately following the vote, global markets have already regained [...]

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IMF’s Zhu Min to leave in July: Here is how he has changed the financial world

Global Market Advisory Group Senior Market Strategist Peter Kenny was lead contributor to this fascinating article about Zhu Min, current Vice President of the International Monetary Fund. The original article is in Chinese so you may need to click on the translate button at the top of your browser to read it. Zhu Min, [...]

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Brexit Uncertainty Drives Volatility

Last week's price action in US equity markets was dominated by a downshift in economic outlook by the FOMC, mixed US economic data, heightened concern over a "Yes" vote in the UK's referendum on European Union membership and as a result, souring of investor enthusiasm. In fact, four out of five trading sessions on the [...]

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Five Days and Counting

Including the previous Friday's trade, the Dow Industrials have subsequently posted their first consecutive five-day losing streak since February. More importantly, US equity markets reversed lower on a day when the Fed not only left rates unchanged but also lowered expectations for the potential number of raises this year. Rather than rally in response, as [...]

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