Thanksgiving could not come at a better time

As the dust from the presidential elections begins to settle—in haphazard and uneven fashion—investors are shifting their focus in preparation for a short work week punctuated by that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving. This oldest and most tradition-bound holiday could not come at a more opportune time for many Americans, both on Wall Street and [...]

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History is made, Markets Roiled, Not so Fast

Donald Trump Elected 45th President of the United States. One thing is abundantly clear: the American electorate is deeply divided. The key to success for the next president will rest on the marshaling of a majority in the House and Senate on Tuesday night. These elections have laid bare a divide that has the potential [...]

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Clinton, Comey, Yellen and October Surprises

Investor caution and apprehension was evident in last week's trading as equity market indices slipped further while volume contracted. In fact the month of October, thus far, has not been a good month for equities as all three majors have lost ground. All three majors are now below their respective 50 DMA.   Two news [...]

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