GMAG attends the SIFMA Google Cloud RegTech Event on 12/13/2016

SIFMA Google Cloud RegTech Event held at Googles's New York City offices in Chelsea. The event included a very interesting panel discussion, moderated, by CNBC’s Bob Pisani, on emerging technologies used by financial service firms. Most notable was the discussion on how emerging technologies can assist and help transform the way financial service firms manage [...]

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New regulations are on the way that will have a major impact on the financial industry. Will you be ready?

On November 15, 2016 The SEC approved the CAT NMS Plan, which governs the creation and operation of the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT). What is it? The CAT will be the largest comprehensive data repository for securities transactions to date, processing more than 58 billion records (10 terabytes of data) daily. The CAT will collect [...]

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