Marching Markets

Better than expected Q4 corporate results, positive economic results, healthy signs of inflation, range bound 10-year yields and a promise by President Trump to deliver a long sought after business tax code reform continue to give investors confidence and markets a lift. The backdrop for US equities, as we begin the week, is decidedly upbeat [...]

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Does the rally Still Have Legs?

After a modest reset, that I called for in last Monday's note, we did see a meaningful reversal on Friday as equities posted their largest advance of the week. Net/net, US equity prices, on balance, were largely unchanged on a week-over-week basis. So where is the rally headed? Sam Stovall, CFRA Chief Investment Strategist, noted that, [...]

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One Direction Higher?

Stock market performance in the 6 weeks following President Trump's victory is the best among all elections since 1900. Equity traders and investors appear to have locked into a trade that has but one direction - higher. On Friday, the NASDAQ closed at 5660.78 while the S&P 500 (2294.60) and Dow Industrials (20,093.78) closed at [...]

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