Trump Rally Limps then Stumbles

Investors spent much of late last week digesting Wednesday's equity market reset in hopes that the Trump trade remains intact. Unfortunately, Thursday and Friday provided little in the way of encouragement as prices languished and the GOP's efforts at repeal and replace failed miserably. Adding additional overhang to the market is crude oil pricing which remains [...]

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On the Horizon

Despite the collective horror that the UK terror attack has rightly provoked, these events have not shown to have an impact on the markets. However, with speculation in regards to the near term interest rate narrative behind us for the next couple months and with Q4 earnings season wrapping up, investors will rotate their collective [...]

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What, if anything, does the ECB’s current outlook on interest rates and near term monetary policy tell us about the health of the global economy?

Since the onset of the financial crisis and its subsequent reverberations through the global economy, the European economy has been severely tested. Not only did the financial crisis, in and of itself, lead to the most risk-off investing landscape on the continent since WWII, peripheral economic contagion triggered aggressive monetary response from Greece to Portugal [...]

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