Budget showdown, is there trouble ahead?

To date, investors have not priced in a protracted shutdown as is evidenced by the continuation of our run-up in prices. The run-up in prices that we have witnessed over the past 52-weeks has left the S&P with a gain of 26.31% and a P/E of 23.41. Over the same period, the Dow Industrials have [...]

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A Look Ahead to 2018-What is on the horizon that could threaten the equity market rally?

We head into 2018 with significant economic tailwinds, improving estimates for corporate profitability, and expectations for additional economic expansion. That said, I suspect the hunt for equity market ROI this year may be a bit more challenging than it was in 2017. Much of the run-up in prices that we saw in 2017 was predicated [...]

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