GMAG currently offers clients advice regarding market structure, compliance, operations and technology related issues. In its three years of existence GMAG has consulted with Exchanges, Broker-Dealers and major technology companies in the financial services industry.

With the introduction of Ralph Piscitelli, GMAG will now offer existing and new clients access to Ralph’s rich menu of communications, marketing and equity market related skills.

Previously, Ralph worked at The Conference Board as Director of Global Communications, serving on their Management Committee for the last five years. Ralph was instrumental in establishing the Conference Board’s West Coast office in 2015. Prior to the Conference Board, Ralph served as Executive Director of Communications for Nomura and served on the Board of the Nomura Americas Foundation. In addition, Ralph spent over twelve years working at the NYSE and Specialist firm Benjamin Jacobson & Sons establishing relationships with NYSE Listed Companies.

Ralph is a graduate of Baruch College’s School of Business and currently serves on the Board of the Communications Department at the College.

Ralph will launch and manage GMAG services to the West Coast financial community.

Contact Info:
C-646 734 1384