Untangling The U.S. Capital Markets

The decision to go public is one of the most important decisions a company will make in its lifetime. Companies should carefully assess and not overlook the benefits of listing on U.S. stock exchange. These benefits include market exposure, indirect advertising and brand recognition.

GMAG has been retained by several international companies to explore the benefits and drawbacks of a U.S. listing. Because GMAG is not an investment bank, our professionals can offer unbiased advice about what clients can realistically expect from the capital raising process, and experienced guidance on where the pitfalls are. Our experts will work with your team through the various IPO stages and provide assistance to retain legal counsel, underwriters, auditors and investor relations firms. We also offer guidance in selecting a stock exchange to list your company’s shares.

Once your company has listed on an exchange, the GMAG team can help your firm answer questions with respect to the trading activity in your stock.  We understand market structure and can offer support to your IR team when communicating with the investing public.

Our advisory services include:

  • Fin Tech Financing

    Are you a new company that needs funding? Angel, Seed, Venture Capital, Private Equity: where do you turn, how do you secure it, and how do you move your firm forward? Let GMAG help you research the maze that new entrepreneurs must navigate to secure the funding necessary to move their companies forward.

  • Pre-IPO Advisory

    What are the things that are on your pre-IPO checklist, do you have them all and are they the right ones for you? GMAG has helped companies develop their checklists and to move forward with their plans.

  • Market-Maker Selection

    GMAG’s professionals include former market makers who have intimate knowledge of the listing process and what is important in selecting a market maker. The market making landscape has transformed over the past decade and it is imperative to understand what distinguishes one firm from another. We assist with these considerations and can help differentiate between market making capabilities.

  • Market Selection

    The decision to go public is one of the most important considerations a company will make during its lifetime. GMAG can assist potential issuers in choosing a trading venue, including alternatives to list on and the NYSE and NASDAQ. GMAG has relationships with most listing venues and can assist companies in making one of the most important decisions in their corporate lives.

Capital Markets Advice

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

GMAG was asked to assist a Chinese firm in exploring the development of a pre-IPO incubation platform composed of emerging growth companies based in China.  GMAG reviewed the firm’s business plan, recommended strategic enhancements and guided the firm through various operational and regulatory scenarios. GMAG leveraged the vast capital markets experience of its members to opine on the various considerations related to listing in the U.S.

A Chinese beverage company interested in going public in the U.S., engaged GMAG to assist with their IPO process. GMAG presented a webinar to the company’s senior management on U.S. rules and regulations covering the formation of corporate board/committees, governance, and code of conduct requirements. In addition, we introduced potential candidates for Board of Director positions.