At GMAG, market structure is what we do. Modern markets are complex – there are currently a multitude of exchanges and ATS’ and many firms willing to internalize order flow. Add in the Consolidated Audit Trail, the rise of initial coin offerings and the growing trend for companies to stay private, and it becomes clear that even savvy players need a coach and guidance.

Our seasoned veterans have helped shape the current market structure in the U.S. and abroad and have written and re-written rules that govern the Exchange structure, and are intimately familiar with the terrain and players in the market.

  • Start-Up Exchanges

    GMAG has guided several nascent exchanges and ATS’ through various steps in becoming fully-developed markets. We identify core objectives, business models and operational needs, introduce key personnel, and facilitate strategic partnerships with existing exchanges. We can also manage the process and filing of becoming a registered exchange or ATS leveraging our vast networks of contacts in the regulatory industry.

  • Trading Rules

    Our team members have been at the forefront of rule development in the U.S. through Reg. NMS and the myriad of rules that have been developed as a result of the U.S. Financial Meltdown of 2008, the 2010 Flash Crash and the 2012 Knight System Issue that cost them over $400 million and their firm. We understand how the rules work because in many cases our members were the ones who helped write them. We can leverage this knowledge and experience to help you with your supervisory procedures and policies.

  • Listing Standards

    Our consultants have been in charge of compliance for listings standards at the largest U.S. Exchanges. We understand this space very well; so well, in fact the leading Exchange in Africa asked us to modernize their listings rules. And we have done just that. We can advise you on ensuring that your company’s complying with NASDAQ and NYSE ongoing listing standards.

  • Corporate Governance

    When a Chinese company needed to update their Corporate governance standards they came to GMAG. We brought their Corporate governance standards up to best practices allowing them to raise capital in the U.S. markets.

  • Market Data Strategy

    Whether market data represents a revenue stream or cost on your income statement, GMAG can help you better maximize your data potential and build better data governance models. Our consultants have built data businesses at Exchanges and firms and understand this vertical intimately.

  • New Products

    Do you have a new product or idea for the financial markets but don’t know who to turn to for honest feedback without the fear of information leakage? GMAG has helped entrepreneurs who want to validate their ideas, collect important feedback, and take their idea to the next level.
    Our professionals can help you shape and refine your ideas at every stage of the capital raising process- Founder, Angel, Mezzanine, Pre-IPO and beyond.


How We’ve Helped Our Clients