The Long-Term Stock Exchange engaged the GMAG team to help us implement our strategy for becoming an exchange. GMAG understood our mission and objectives. They responded to our requests with speed and accuracy, and offered valuable insights and ideas. From market operations, to regulatory compliance, to listings, their deep experience and relationships in the US Equity markets helped us as we moved quickly to execute our plans. On a personal level, they were ethical, fair, truly engaged and went out of their way to be available when we needed them. They were vested in our success – and we had fun working with them. I would highly recommend GMAG for engagements in the Equity Markets

Michelle Green
Chief Policy Officer, The Long Term Exchange

Global Markets Advisory Group was instrumental in coordinating our visit to FINRA. We learned a great deal about FINRA’s role in the U.S. markets and how their oversight helps in building investor confidence. I would highly recommend contacting this group if you would like to understand how enforcing high ethical standards and enforcing investor safeguards supports market integrity. This in turn will help to attract foreign direct and indirect investment.

Tran Van Tzung
Former CEO of the Hanoi Stock Exchange, HANOI STOCK EXCHANGE

I had the pleasure of working with GMAG on our bid to become the Plan Processor for the Industry’s Consolidated Audit Trail. We retained GMAG while competing against 10 other bidders, and their expertise and assistance with our operational and regulatory strategies ultimately helped us secure a place as one of the final three bidders.
They have long, deep relationships with regulators, market participants, exchanges, and technology companies, and combine that with decades of real life experience operating in the financial industry.
They’re a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone, particularly within the Fin/Reg Tech space.

Neil Palmer
Former Chief Technology Officer of FIS Advanced Technology Group (previously SunGard), FIS

I appreciate this opportunity to describe my experiences with Global Markets Consulting LLC and two of its principals, Kevin Trimble and Charlie Dolan. They are a securities industry consulting firm whose principals and staff have many years of real-world experience, high-level skills and practical know-how. They have successfully and creatively resolved numerous regulatory problems, and maintain an excellent relationship with regulatory authorities. They are the best group of compliance consultants I know.

George Brunelle
Partner, Brunelle & Hadjikow, P.C.