Think Jay Powell and Rates – Try the Prosciutto and Canneloni Bean Bruschetta

Things to know Jay Powell – That’s all     you need to know today.   So stocks did just as expected – nothing really – other than waffle around, waiting, treading water, biding its time – attempting to move ahead while being pulled back as investors/traders and algo’s try to figure it out.  Figure out [...]

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Mkt Under Pressure (Again), Investors Re-Price for 25 BPS Cut, Powell Presents Tomorrow – Try the Rigatoni

Things you should know Oil remains in the range Mkts re-pricing the 50     bps cut and assuming 25 bps Powell to take a ‘less     dovish stance’ Earnings, Earnings     Earnings….   So stocks continued to trend lower – as the we move closer to the FED’s testimony this week (Wednesday/Thursday) in [...]

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Germany Reports Another Weak Number, US Reports a Strong Number – Mkts Confused so they Back Off – Try the Lemon Basil Swordfish

Monday - July 8th - NFP Rocks It!  US Creates 224k jobs -  Germans report ‘much weaker’ Manf and ‘weaker’ Industrial Production - FED Chair Jay Powell to address congress on Wed/Thursday -  UK set to elect a new Prime Minister   Stocks managed to close on the highs on the abbreviated session on Wednesday… the [...]

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US/China Move Forward, OPEC Extends Cuts, Stocks and Oil Surge – Try the Clam & Mussels Posillipo for the 4th.

Monday July 1, 2019 Things you need to know US and China agree to move forward Saudi, Russia and Iraq agree to extend production cuts 6-9 months Oil surges up and thru resistance (no surprise) Global mkts celebrate Celebrate good times – Come On!  Stocks ended the month, qtr and 1st have of the year [...]

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