Mkts Under Pressure (Again), HK in Crisis, Trade Talks May Stall, Italy looking for a New Gov’t – Try the Baby Back Ribs

Monday - August 12, 2019 Things you need to know Mkts under pressure this     morning Unrest in HK GS sours on growth Gold continues to surge     on all this angst.   So – what a week it was and for many – they are glad that it is behind us…from Monday’s plunge [...]

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Mkts Choke, US Accuses China of Currency Manipulation, Futs Plunge Overnight, China Stabilizes – Try the Grilled Cheese

Things to know… China says “We are not a     currency manipulator” US Futs plunged another     600 pts overnight China steps in to     stabilize Yuan US futs rebound and now     look to open higher (that’s relative) UGLY, UGLY, UGLY……Global mkts shuddered and the US mkt got smashed…..By now [...]

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China Let’s Yuan Weaken, Global Mkts Fall, What will DT say now? Try the Chicken w/Hot Sausage and Cherry Peppers

Things you should know China allows Yuan to     weaken Global Mkts Under Fire Trump Yet to Tweet   Stocks ended lower on Friday – marking their worst week in more than two months…..NFP report on Friday?  Was in line – but it seemed to be tossed aside. No one was really paying any attention [...]

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Trump Slams China w/More Tariffs – Both Sides Vow To Fight On – Try the Green Pea Pesto

Things you need to know -              Trumps Shakes up Trade – Imposes new Tariffs -              Mkts around the Globe feel the pain -              China vows to retaliate and fight on -              Is it time to go shopping?   The Americans (think Mnuchin and Lighthizer) returned from Beijing empty handed (whatever happened to that “We’re 90% [...]

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