No surprises here

In yesterday’s Humphrey Hawkins testimony, Fed Chair Jay Powell told the House Financial Services committee that the Fed: “…is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation for a potential hit to China and the global economy.”   Telling those same members of Congress that: “…too early to say how the coronavirus will ultimately impact the US economy.” [...]

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The momentum guys were at it again

The momo guys (momentum) were at it again. While the headlines are still fairly concerning, the momo guys are completely ignoring it, choosing instead to focus on the robust US macro data, which is ok, until it isn’t but we’ll discuss that in a bit… sending both the S&P and Nasdaq to new all-time highs. [...]

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Another big week for the markets.

Stocks surged higher all week and then sold off on Friday as investors/traders/algos took a breather, locking in some gains after seeing the indexes surge more than 3% each as “fear” over the coronavirus subsided. It reared its ugly head again on Friday, which makes sense as we went into the weekend. Market participants (mostly [...]

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Stocks continue to surge…

Stocks continue to surge, as if there will “never be a down day” again. News that China is cutting tariffs caught everyone a bit off guard, leaving more room for the algos to take the market higher. Now, is it me or does it appear to be a coincidence that China announced the cuts on [...]

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Stocks continue the rally

Stocks continue the rally, taking the indexes higher yet again as investors/traders and algos don’t seem to care at all about the coronavirus at all. In fact, what I find very funny this morning is a quote in Wall Street Journal by RBC’s Global Macro Strategist, Peter Schaffrik: “The story in the market is the [...]

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Let’s Recap

Let’s recap – just to make sure we are all on the same page: Friday night, US Stocks get slammed, falling more than 600 pts and sending warning signals that the coronavirus was getting worse. All day pundits on TV telling investors/traders to sit back, that this was different this time. It was not like [...]

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New political risk – or not?

Chinese stocks, which got slammed on Monday, wiping out nearly $720 billion worth of value, did a complete 180 and rallied as a new day dawned over the region, reacting to the surge in shares out of Europe and the US on Monday. Overnight, investors/traders and algos attempted to make sense of the plunge that [...]

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