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September 11, 2021

20 Years ago – the world became a different place (again) – and a whole generation of American men and women raised their hands and went to war……After returning from the horrors of war –  many lost the ability to survive in the world – what we call the Hidden Wounds of War – PTS.

The Headstrong Project ( was co-founded by US Marine Captain Zach Iscol – whose vision was to be able to provide cost free, stigma free mental health care to all our veterans and their families.

As an advisory board member of the Headstrong Project – Here is my story about my experience and why I support and continue to support these brave men and women.  To those of you who have consistently supported our mission – I thank you.  Your help has provided funds to expand the treatment program from 1 state and 1 city to 12 states and 28 cities.  With a new leadership team in place led by Retired Colonel Jim McDonough – the mission will continue to expand across the country.  Currntly over 250 clinicians nationwide serve over 1,000 veterans and their families monthly.

God Bless our Veterans….and God Bless America.  Click below to watch this story.
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