The biggest risk to adoption of the cloud across both regulated industries and well managed companies, is a lack of focus on the people and process aspect of technology transformation. GMAG has developed a comprehensive program to assist financial firms in developing a cloud governance and maturity model which embeds compliance and risk management from the onset.

FSI customers need an objective, multi-cloud approach to building and running their cloud programs, creating a governance model across suppliers. GMAG works with the largest cloud service providers in the industry and we understand how financial firms use data for business, regulation and compliance.

GMAG will orchestrate the implementation of automation and technology processes with your company’s Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) program to accelerate adoption.

  • Cloud Governance Maturity Assessment

  • Cloud Governance Model

  • Cloud Service Adoption Management

  • Cloud Governance, Audit & Exams

  • Compliance with Outsourcing Regulations

  • Audit Standardization


  • 17a-4 Considerations

  • Incident Response

  • Privacy and Data Protection

Let us work with your team and craft a data strategy plan to leverage cloud capabilities and efficiencies.


How We’ve Helped Our Clients