The ‘I’ Word; Musk Tweet Sends BC Plunging – Try the Linguine w/ Artichokes and Pancetta

Things you need to know. Friday’s rally appears to be fading – FOMC mins due out on Wednesday Inflation is becoming even more top of mind, investors are nervous and the Fed says that they are staying the course Lonnie Musk disrupts the crypto world on Sunday sending Bitcoin plunging 10 yr treasury holding tight, [...]

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Investors Ignore PPI and Focus on the Recovery (Again): Futures Higher – Try the Seared Halibut

Things you need to know. BLS reports PPI – Investors ignore the increase Companies adding 10’s of ‘1,000’s of new jobs – Base wages rise Investors go bargain hunting – the value trade is still in the lead Musk now tweeting and supporting Doggey Coin – it rallies 37% Try the Seared Halibut w/ Orange [...]

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Tech Wreck Goes Global; “Houston, we have a problem” – Try the Risotto

Things you need to know. Inflation concerns taking its tolls on stocks around the world as the ‘tech wreck’ goes global. No eco data today – so the conversation is all about Wednesday and Thursday. Colonial Pipeline expects to be back by the weekend. Key S&P levels identified, and circuit breakers are on alert. Try [...]

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Clarida Tries to Calm Mkts; Rosengren Says it’s Time – Try the Porcini Rub Rib-Eye – Tagliata Style

Things you need to know Vice Chair Richie Clarida tries to settle the markets. Economists and Boston Fed Pres Rosengren think its time to start thinking about it. Inflation, Rates & Taper continue to pressure the high growth names. Smart money favors value Dollar weaker ahead of NFP, Oil higher as inventories plunge Try the [...]

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Value Wins the Day; TECH Under Pressure; 2 FED Speakers today – Try the Pan Seared Pork Chops w/Caramelized

Things you need to know. Investors trade tech names for recovery names It is the Growth vs. Value Play and yesterday – Value won. ISM Prices Paid – Is it sounding the alarm bell? Two FED speeches today…Evan’s and Mester – Listen to what they say. Oil up 1.6% as demand surges, the 10 yr. [...]

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