Trump adds 8 Names to the Blacklist, China Sure to Retaliate, BoJo in a Jam, Mkts Under Pressure – Try the Halibut

Things you need to know. Before we get started today, I wanted to share with all of you some exciting news. I’m teaming up with the folks over at Seven Figure Publishing. Seven Figure publishes a wealth of information and independent research on the markets. They are dedicated to giving their readers the tools needed [...]

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China is Not Going to Roll Over and Play Dead; Another Whistleblower Emerges and Earnings are About to Kick Off – Try the Spinach Pesto

Things you need to know. -          China not rolling over to play dead -          A second whistleblower emerges with hints of more to come -          Earnings season getting ready to kick off Good morning to our friends in North & South America, Good afternoon to our friends in Europe and Good evening to our friends [...]

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GM strike, day 22: Talks resume after tumultuous weekend – The Detroit News

General Motors Co. and the United Auto Workers remain divided over several issues as 46,000 strikers continue to head to picket lines for the fourth week — and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is growing concerned. The Michigan economy is getting increasingly impacted as the strike lengthens into its fourth week, hitting striking workers, laid-off employees at other [...]

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General Electric freezing pension plan for 20000 US employees – msnNOW

© Stan Honda / AFP/Getty Images A sign outside the corporate headquarterGeneral Electric is freezing the pensions of 20,000 U.S. salaried workers to reduce billions in future pension obligations and trim debt. About 700 employees in its supplemental pension program, geared toward executives, will also have their pension benefits frozen. The company said the change [...]

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Mkts on Edge as They Await the ISM Report, Trump to Impose New Tariffs on the EZ – Try the Penne Rigate

Things you need to know. -          “I feel the earth move under my feet; I feel the sky falling down…. I feel my heart start to trembling…..”  Carole King – I Feel the Earth Move – April 1971  ( -          Watch the eco data this morning at 9:45 and 10. -          Trump threatens to impose [...]

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Fears of a Global Slowdown Cause Mkts to Shudder; Trump Chimes In – Try the Greek Style Filet of Sole

Things you need to know.   - Global mkts under pressure as the slowdown chatter builds - US futs getting clocked again – about to test intermediate support at 2924 - Schwab and TD cut commission to ZERO – but it ain’t FREE Stock finished deep in the RED,  headlines scream:   “World Economy Sends [...]

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Mkts March in Time, BoJo Gets Reprimanded & the Saudi’s Expect to Back Online – Try the Shrimp

Things you need to know -  Mkts churned - Nothing dramatic driving the action -  UK’s BoJo - dealt a blow over BREXIT -  Saudi Oil production back on line.   So stocks meandered all day…..teasing below the flat line all morning only to move higher and trade in positive territory all afternoon before giving [...]

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EU & German Macro Data Disappoint – Let’s Take Rates Even Lower!  Jimmy Vies for FED Chair – Try the Classic Bolognese

September 23, 2019 What You Need to Know Today Mkts continue to be concerned over trade and interest rates European macro data is weak but German macro data is weaker US to get both Manf and Services PMI’s So stocks ended lower on Friday – seemingly exhausted by all of the ongoing news….If it isn’t [...]

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Mkts Kiss All Time Highs?  What Angst? Recession?  Don’t be Foolish!  Icahn Moves to Miami — Try the Ropa Vieja

Things you should know Mkts kissing all-time     highs Algo’s gearing up to     strike ECB does not disappoint     and that puts more pressure on Powell Icahn moves to     Miami!  OK – the ECB did not disappoint  -  they announced a 10 bps cut in rates – taking its [...]

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Trump Delays Tariffs Increases, China Exempts Some US Products and the ECB Launches Huge QE – Try the Baloney Sandwich

Things you should know - Trump delays tariff increases - China exempts some US products from tariffs - The Saudi’s & OPEC talk of more production cuts -  and the ECB announces a smaller rate cut but a bigger QE plan.  The spike higher yesterday in the mkts is all about trade and the ECB….Rumors [...]

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