Brexit referendum in the rear view mirror, Italy next?

Now that Brexit has quietly evaporated from the group think narrative that failed to drive applicative fear into British voters, and markets have rebounded sharply, is there any chance that any other EU member state will follow suit? Actually, yes. On the horizon there is an increasingly interesting national conversation taking place in Italy of [...]

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Oil is Back in the Narrative

US equity markets slipped quietly into mid-August. Last week the S&P 500 rose a slight 0.002% - effectively a flat performance. The Dow Industrials, also flat, rose 0.004%.   Just when OPEC members felt comfortable that their approach to vanquishing US production by driving excess production into global markets had succeeded, US shale production has [...]

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Global Markets Advisory Group has appointed Robert Zito, founder of Zito Partners, as a senior adviser.

GMAG, a Berkeley Heights-based advisory service, has entered into a joint venture to represent companies and provide solutions to clients seeking access to public markets, to handle regulatory inquiries and to craft brand-related messaging for its clients. “The team at GMAG, many of whom I have known personally for decades and respect from my time [...]