Algo’s Push Stocks Higher as Investors Enjoy the Ride – Try the Escarole/Bean Soup

Things you need to know – Markets pushed higher into Christmas – US futures are pointing up this morning as we begin the week Treasuries holding steady at 1.49% Oil down $1 as thousands of flights get cancelled (Opportunity!) 2022 – will be an interesting year…. FED, Elections, Legislative Policy, and the Economy all top [...]

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Omi who?  PFE Getting Approval for NEW Therapeutic, Is Santa Coming? – Try the Christmas Morning French Toast

Things you need to know  Omi who?  Markets push higher all while NYC, Chicago & LA go into a self-imposed lockdown PFE on the verge of getting FDA approval for a new ‘covid drug’ Lots of eco data today but none of it means anything. Global markets all trending higher awaiting Santa Claus Try the [...]

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Investor’s re-think everything – as Santa Claus gets ‘locked down’ Hysteria around rising case counts vs. severity counts – there is a difference Europe threatens renewed lockdowns, US is said to be mulling it over as well – Blue states on the edge MRNA comes out and reports efficacy rates for their ‘booster’ (conveniently it’s [...]

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BoE Raises Rates, ECB Does Nothing, & Investors re-think What’s Happening – Try the Cheesecake

Things you need to know  Investors re-think the commentary It’s a big options trade day today and many are pointing to that to explain the weakness BoE raises rate taking first mover advantage, the ECB stands still Oil rallies yesterday on increased demand and falls today on increased cases of Omicron – Yet GS has [...]

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History Repeats Itself – Get Ready for Wage/Price Spiral (1978/79) – Try the Butterscotch Clusters

Things you need to know  History does repeat itself…. Get to know the 1978/79 Wage/Price Spiral In this case – it’s good to be a dinosaur – because WE remember what happened. Expect markets to churn into the 2 pm hour – when the show starts. IEA cutting demand for oil because of Omi – [...]

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Dumbo is in the Room! Weakness has nothing to do with the Virus – Try the Linguine Puttanesca

Things you need to know  There is an ELEPHANT in the room and his name is Dumbo…. Market weakness is not about Omi, Delta or even Covid 19 PPI report expected to be even HOTTER than the already HOT estimate FED announcement tomorrow – The Q is about rates not taper. Try the Linguine Puttanesca- [...]

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