Chop, chop, chop – Stocks Look for Stability/Try the Frittata

Things you need to know  Stocks look for stability, but continue to come under pressure as the new FED reality sinks in.  Value overgrowth in 2022. OIL – pierces $80/barrel…. expect prices at the pump to surge…. Treasuries are now yielding 1.74% heading towards 2%…. how much more pressure will that put on stocks? Crypto’s [...]

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Uh oh?  What Happened to Tech?  Bond Yields Surge to 1.7%? – Try the Grilled Pork Chops w/Sweet Vinegar Peppers

Things you need to know  Treasury yields surge to 1.7%, Tech stocks come under pressure Big Cap value in energy, industrial, financials and consumer staples are the beneficiaries. F – rallies 12% after they doubled their manufacturing outlook! (Love Ford) Oil -nearing $80 barrel even as OPEC+ agrees to pump more Try the Grilled Pork [...]

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Algo’s Push Stocks Higher as Investors Enjoy the Ride – Try the Escarole/Bean Soup

Things you need to know – Markets pushed higher into Christmas – US futures are pointing up this morning as we begin the week Treasuries holding steady at 1.49% Oil down $1 as thousands of flights get cancelled (Opportunity!) 2022 – will be an interesting year…. FED, Elections, Legislative Policy, and the Economy all top [...]

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Omi who?  PFE Getting Approval for NEW Therapeutic, Is Santa Coming? – Try the Christmas Morning French Toast

Things you need to know  Omi who?  Markets push higher all while NYC, Chicago & LA go into a self-imposed lockdown PFE on the verge of getting FDA approval for a new ‘covid drug’ Lots of eco data today but none of it means anything. Global markets all trending higher awaiting Santa Claus Try the [...]

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