First Quarter 2021 “Navigating a Path Forward” Live Event

First Quarter 2021 “Navigating a Path Forward”​ Live Event Replay [embedded content] Host:  Sherri Daniels, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Managing Partner – SlateStone Wealth, LLC​ ​Moderator:  Kenny Polcari, Chief Market Strategist, Consultant – SlateStone Wealth, LLC​ ​Guest Speaker:  Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist – Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.​

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Stocks UP. Rebellion Stocks DOWN & Mark Chimes in – Try the Rigatoni

Things you need to know. Markets UP, Rebellion stocks DOWN….and Bezos is OUT! (his choice) AMZN and GOOG blow the house right off the foundation! Oil kisses and pierces $55/barrel…Goldy re-its $65/barrel by summer 2021 Mark Cuban opines on GME, I push back…. Waiting for his call….. Try the Rigatoni. BOOM!..And it was an explosion [...]

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The Reddit Trade Begins to Fade; Mkts Surge and Oil Kisses $55 – Try the Chicken Fricassee

Things you need to know. Stocks surge yesterday and continue to push higher in the pre-mkt. Earnings from AMZN and GOOG due out after the bell…both names quoted up in the pre-mkt. A little history lesson – because this is a teachable moment. RH raises even more money from investors (not the gov’t) to support [...]

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