Market Data for Retail Customers

By Lou Pastina, Managing Member, Global Markets Advisory Group With assistance from Jim Buckley, Member, Global Markets Advisory Group and Ron Jordan, Consultant, Global Markets Advisory Group I worked in the securities markets for a long time and was used to having access to real-time market data to research issues that came up at work. [...]

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Hallelujah!  It’s About Time – Try the Veal Piccata

The S&P closed at 2744.28 – So today’s circuit breakers are:  Level 1.  192.09 pts (7%) or 2552.19 Level 2.  356.75 pts (13% total) or 2387.53 Level 3.  548.86 pts (20% total) or 2195.42  _________________________________________________________ Uncle Jay (Powell) takes center stage on Capitol Hill…and I have one word to say –  Hallelujah!  Stocks – which [...]

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Apple is under fire for moving iCloud data to China – CNNMoney

Tim Cook: Corporations should have values Apple's latest move in China has privacy advocates and human rights groups worried. The U.S. company is moving iCloud accounts registered in mainland China to state-run Chinese servers on Wednesday along with the digital keys needed to unlock them. "The changes being made to iCloud are the latest indication [...]

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Asian Shares Mixed Ahead Of Powell’s Congressional Testimony – Nasdaq

Shutterstock photo ( - Asian stocks ended mixed on Tuesday as investors awaited Congressional testimony later in the day by the new Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for further insights into the central bank's view on inflation and interest rates. Chinese shares snapped a six-session winning streak as investors locked in some profits. The benchmark [...]

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Stevey Says – Don’t be Ridiculous & Uncle Warren Has $ to Spend – Try the Giambotta

The S&P closed at 2747.30 – So today’s circuit breakers are:  Level 1.  192.31 pts (7%) or 2554.99 Level 2.  357.15 pts (13% total) or 2390.15 Level 3.  549.46 pts (20% total) or 2197.84  _____________________________________________________  And BOOM!  Investors couldn’t buy stocks fast enough….  Enter stage left…. the paparazzi got a hold of Treasury Secretary Stevie [...]

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We have finally reached an inflection point in market

The primary driver of the selloff was a result of dramatically rising interest rates. On Friday the closely watched US 10-yr yield rose 2.92% to close at 2.85%. Not only is that the highest yield for the 10-yr. over the past 12 months, it is it's highest yield since January 6, 2014. That lurch higher [...]

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